Sunday, 18 February 2018

Perfect Relationships

There are different types of relationships.... family, Love, friends are the few that tops the list.
Every soul on the planet would be looking for a Perfect Relationships, precisely a lovely better half who makes their life complete and meaning full, colorful and as happiest as ever. 

'Love' life is like a great song which can be repeated 100's of times. Its like a smell of mud when it rains. Its like a first sight of a snow fall. Totally lost in feelings. Always wanted to meet each other. You cant fall asleep easily. True Love comes once in a lifetime and once you got a chance do not loose it.
It is powerful enough to make or break you. It has no barriers.

Trust, Patience and Understanding - the only pillars that makes it stronger and even more stronger!

True Love will grow stronger and turn into a married relation. Start of a new beginning. 
Nothing changes until and unless the trust and understanding changes.
People tend to think that Love will conquer all the odds and bads after marriage. Actually it's not.
Talking to each other and make the other person understand your needs and concerns would help grow the relation much stronger rather than frequently exchanging the negative remarks that plants the seed for a bad relationship.
No matter what happens, have to be patience and create the opportunity to turn that moment into a happy moment. Have patience to wait for the rite moment.
You can never have everyone praises you nor everyone condemn you.

Do not be too bothered by others words if our conscience is clear. End of the day it's just you and me!       

There is only one happiness in life to Love and to be Loved!!

Happy Wedding!!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

And.. He Ditched Her

In her early Twenties Komalika was living a happy life. She has always been that slightly chubby, pretty, clever and honest girl and chatterbox too. She was doing everything to keep her academic records high. College, books and very few friends to hang out with and her family is the world to her. Everything was going fine as she wanted to. That was until final year of her college when she met Kunaal her family friend. The last time they met was almost a decade ago. With frequent get together and family meets they became the nearest.

Kunaal has completed his college a year ago and since then he was working with a Corporate company and was earning a decent pay cheque. He started stopping over her place now and then. Soon they both started hanging around. It all happened as quick as lightning.

For both the families they were just like friends but their relationship was undercover. She was loving this part of her life like many other girls and she is getting high!

She is just a teenage girl and Little did she know that its gonna end soon.
He started hating her soon coz of the same qualities that he liked earlier in her.

Everyone wants to love and to be loved by a girl like this but when it comes to marriage everything changes. They are not the marriage material. It is replaced with a Pakka Desi Indian Traditional girl. And for the same reason he Ditched her. Her eyes filled with tears. After all its a Teenage phase of life! they never know it would end up so soon!

Pic from Google Images

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Scuba Diving!!

Netrani is a tiny Island of India located in Arabian Sea, off the coast of Karnataka. It is also known as Pigeon Island. The top view of the Island appears like a Heart shaped besides Pigeon! So the name Pigeon Island. Netrani Island is one of the best destination in India for Scuba Diving specially for beginners.

Scuba diving was on the cards from long time and after many delays and postponement the plan was finalized "Trip to Netrani Island with GHAC". We were a group of Nine and had to board the bus to Murudeshwar from Hyderabad on Friday. The weather now a days is unpredictable!! It was in mid of May.. the sun was shining brighter in the morning and it started raining cats and dogs in noon!! Seven members have boarded the bus which is ready to departure and two of them are stuck in traffic. The unpredicted rain and the Hyderabad Metro happily blocked the roads. The bus departed from the station... after making several requests the driver agreed to wait for Ten more minutes and finally both of them are here.. tension relieved!!

Next day it was Five in the morning and here we are at Murudeshwar! The Dive timings were scheduled on Sunday, so we have entire Saturday to spend and visit half moon and paradise beach and trek all along Om beach at Gokarna. The drive to Gokarna is Scenic.. with mountains and Western ghats on one side and Arabian Sea on other side. Om beach is less crowded and it has a couple of water sports as well. The beach  is unspoiled and has clear water which is beautifully surrounded by the palm trees. Some fun time at beach and than a water sports and finally a boat ride to Half moon and Paradise Beach. Both the beaches are awesome!! and it has an amazing place for camping. One more place added to the list. Will be camping here one day for sure.. Till the time we reached back it was getting dark and we started back to Murudeshwara.

Sunday woke up at Five in the morning and went for a walk along beach. The early morning view was beautiful and amazing... waves cleansing away the foot and the refreshing cool breeze!! Back to hotel and we are all set for the Dive. Picked up the diving equipment and gear. Loaded it in a vehicle and started for training session in pool. After getting acquainted with the equipment underwater, we started towards the Island. Its one hour journey in boat to reach Island. As we kept moving the color of the water is also changing, now it's blue all around!! And so the under water visibility also increased.

Panoramic view of Netrani Island

And there we see the Island... Netrani Island. What an amazing view it was!! A tiny piece of land in the midst of the blue ocean! The water was Cristal clear at the Island and were able to see the playful and colorful fishes on the surface water.

Fishes on the Surface water
We put on the jacket, oxygen cylinder, mask and one fall into the water and here... we are into a different world!! Underwater. The creatures with fins and gills moving all around spending free and independent life. No aquarium, no tanks just spacious and never ending place with full of colorful life moving all around.

Sighted a hell lot of colorful fishes and little corals. What not... Experienced many joys, the feeling of weightlessness and the beautiful and colourful sight of under water. The journey beneath the waves is worth and is exciting and adventure.

It was amazing to be under water. An incredible and mesmerizing experience. Everyone had a wonderful time and enjoyed to the core.
Finally reached back to hotel and took a jeep to reach Murudeshwar and boarded the bus back to Hyderabad.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Exploration Trek to Kondaveedu fort and Sunrise at SuryaLanka

Kondaveedu Fort - 'The Hill Fortress' is located in Kondaveedu Village, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh. The Fort was built and was ruled by the king of Reddy dynasty in fourteenth Century and later on it was concurred and was ruled by many kings starting from Vijayanagara Kings, Qutub Shahis from The Sultans of Golkonda have fought for this fort and after that it went into the hands of French and finally The Britishers.

Apart from the main fort, there are two other forts nearby. All the three forts are now in ruins. It is said that treasure hunters are the main reason to vandalize this fort. The fables of abundant wealth buried underneath continues to draw the attention of the treasure hunters and desecrating the few remains of the fort by digging away. Though we have not noticed any such miscreants all through our trek. Not sure if the miscreants have found some treasure here or not but the fort is completely ruined. There's only a small portion of the fort left out by which one can at-least recognize that its a fort.

Kondaveedu Fort
We have planned to hike this Kondaveedu Fort up the hill. Seven others have joined along with me and laxmi. We have planned this trip well in advance and booked the train tickets that were in waiting list. Finally till the day before the journey the tickets were not confirmed and we were pure unlucky in the Tatkal scheme by IRCTC and thanks for the super slow server of Indian Railways!! Since it's just a Six hours journey from Hyderabad to Guntur we have decided to travel with general ticket. So, the task is to get hold the seats for all the nine people. My self and Vishnu got into the running train on the platform and yes!! we blocked the seats for all nine. Task accomplished!! Luckily the train got delayed by an hour.. lucky coz the main person in the group, our celebrity 'Sreenath' was stuck in traffic. (Celebrity coz he look alike Virat Kohli). Our first travel in general compartment and this is what I noticed... On one side the passengers were waiting to grab the seats and other side the vendors selling the stuff... people climbing up and making the luggage place as their berth!! Train started.. but Virat is still not here!! All of us got settled... and here... got a call from Virat saying that he boarded the train and he is in other compartment, will join us in next station. Pheww!! Journey started with intro followed by a fun games and trying to bluff each other. Our destination was still two hours away, so we decided to take a power nap for couple of hours. and here we are in Guntur... that was a different experience, traveling in General. Hired a private vehicle and started the journey towards the Fort. Enroute had a delicious south Indian breakfast. And here we reached Kondaveedu Fort base!!

The fort is located 1700 feet above sea level, which has steps that takes you to the peak. What's so adventures if we take the steps to climb all over the top? So we decided to explore the place and started hiking from a different route. We have chosen a pretty long route to reach the peak... the group was full on energetic!! none of them got tired till we reach the top. Hike includes lot of scrambling and little climbing. Climbing was little challenging as there were no proper handholds.. we have used a little bit of palming technique to climb up. One by one started climbing and our cameraman 'Saiteja' was busy clicking!!

In the midst of hike we found a huge tree with vines!! and guess what.. Its time for some Tarzan swing!! We spent some fun time in swinging and relaxed and continued the hike. After five hours of hiking.... there we are on the top of the fort!! The view from the top was amazing!! a small village at the base surrounded by fields and the blue sky!! It was very hot though. Relaxed for sometime and clicked few group pictures directed by Aparna and stared descending.
Tarzan Swing

Descending was the toughest part though we have chosen a short route, coz it was already noon and the sun shines hot. Rocks burning like hot pan!! and the worst part is descending in hot sun without having a drop of water. Pranav, Akhilesh and Abhilash descended little fast and reached base and were waiting for us at the home at the base village, where we kept all our backpacks. Here ends the hike to Kondaveedu fort and started the journey towards Surya Lanka Beach.

Suryalanka is one amongst many beaches... but with less crowd and less polluted beach. The specialty of Surya Lanka is it's an 'estuary beach' a place where fresh water from the river flows into the ocean and blend with salt water. It was almost dark when we reached the beach... first we setup the tents for camping just few steps away from the beach and ordered dinner at the local hotel and went on for a walk in the beach. Spent some good time at the beach chatting about haunted stories, movies and all... by the time our dinner was ready!! Steamed rice with fish curry was the menu for dinner! and the moment after we had dinner Akhilesh started dozing!! and he is the one in whole group who was sleeping most of the time. We all wanted a good, long sleep that we can wake up early to see the sunrise.
Next day early morning five.. it was little cloudy. Behind the clouds is the sun... Hiding! Raising slow.. we had to wait for long time, but the sun rise was not that good as expected nevertheless we enjoyed the view.

Sun Rise
Early morning at the beach...sunrise time and who doesn't want to get into water..! after spending some good time in the beach we started walking towards the place where river water flows into the sea. It was amazing to see sweet water from river mixes with salt water and at the same time i pity... many people on earth lack drinking water and here it is wasted. And buried with sea water.

It was Eleven O'clock when we reached back to the camping place after spending some good time at the estuary. We still have enough time to spend, so we decided to visit Amaravati Temple near Guntur. Goodbye to Suryalanka!! Came back to Bapatla and started searching for hotels... and Its being a weekend, most of the hotels are filled up... and it was too late till the time we checked-In at a hotel. At last we have to cancel the plan to Amaravati and passed the time with some music and thanks to Abhilash for entertaining us with his mixed and funny facial expressions!!

A wonderful weekend spent with incredible group hiking all along the fort and beach!! Everyone got acquainted very much and decided not to sleep in the return journey as this will be the last night we gonna spend together. Eleven O'clock in the night we boarded the train and all our seats were not allocated in  serial numbers... tried swapping seats with other passengers.. but no luck, we just have to go and have a good night sleep!

Back to Hyderabad on Monday morning and ready for corporate slavery!!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Railway track trek to Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar is  one of the most scenic and beautiful waterfall in India and is listed as fifth tallest waterfall in India. The most spectacular natural phenomena, located on the border of Goa and Karnataka states.The cascading of water in large volume from the top of a hill appears like a milky flow!!
So the group of 20 GHACians started off with the Monsoon Trek on railway track passing through the tunnels and heading towards the beautiful Waterfalls. My self and Yogi being the host of the trek and were leading the group.The journey started with only few confirmed train tickets in hand and rest in RAC. So the adventure and the 'No comfort' travel started rite from the beginning! Thanks for the awesome group for 'No complaints' in regards to travel :) but luck favoured us... the other group from GHAC were traveling in the same train to Jog falls and were having few extra reserved tickets :) So, most of them got the berths and had a tight sleep night journey. Thanks for our sleeping bags which helped us in all the time when we don't have reserved train tickets ;)

The initial plan was to start the trek from Castle Rock station and reach Dudhsagar. It was a 14 Kilometer trek on railway track passing through the tunnels, but by the time we reach the waterfalls it will be almost dark and we cannot have the proper view of falls and most importantly we don't get the space for camping... and being a weekend this route will be too crowded. So, we decided to go little further and start the trek from Caranzol. From Caranzol the distance is around 5-6 Kilometer. We started the trek passing through the tunnels and mountains of western ghats. We entered the first was pitch-dark and we dint switched ON the torch light, just to feel a little adventure!! It's being a monsoon season, it was drizzling from top of the tunnels and the moment we came out of the tunnel we could see many tiny falls from the top of the mountains and of-course plenty of greenery all around!!

There were couple of falls on the way where we spent some time. Everyone in the group were amused and were rejoicing a fun filled trek. In the middest of the trek we saw a couple of goods transmitting trains with people on board. The guard allowed few people to board the train. We too had a chance, but we were happy to trek all along and reach the falls and more than that we do not want to miss the beauty of the nature and of-course the Adventure!!
View on the way

The views during the trek were immensely mesmerizing!! Deep valleys, water falls, railway track, tunnels and greenery all around... one must visit this place at least once in a life time!! The nature lovers were busy capturing the beauty of nature through lens and others were throughly enjoying the mother nature and of-course there were also few Kodak moments of the group!! Soon we reached the Dudhsagar station and we could here the sound of gushing water falls cascading down!! It was just a Ten minutes walk from Dudhsagar station to the actual water fall... and here we saw the spectacular natural falls... water plummets from hundreds of feet in cascade of large volume and creating a mist all around!! The cascading water appear like a milky flow!!

Water falls

The moment our eyes captured the spectacular falls we lost ourselves in the beauty of nature and were standing still and forgot about the world outside and were thoroughly, deeply rejoicing the waterfalls!! Living the life to the fullest!! After spending a good time at the falls we started pitching the tents for camping quite opposite to the water falls, and just beside the railway track... must be 4-5 steps beside the track not more than that. There is a small canteen at the water falls, where you have enough space for 15 people to accommodate under a shed. After pitching the tents we again went near to the falls... this time we descended little down from where we can feel the gushing water on our feet!! It was getting dark and we all moved to our camping place for dinner. We have enough packed food... a lot of varieties on the menu!! Dinner followed by lot of fun filled activities! It was a different experience to spend the night in the tent near to the falls and the track, lisitening to gushing sound of the water and shuddering sound of a train and feeling the vibrations on the ground!!

Pitching Tents
Next day on Sunday we woke up at Five in the morning and decided to go little further, cross two more tunnels to view the complete water falls from a distance. After crossing two tunnels from the camping place not more than a kilometer, just turn around and look back.... there you can see beautiful view of dudhsagar with a railway bridge passing along!! Words are not enough to describe the beauty!! Picture says it all! 

View of Dudhsagar
One more View

We spent enough time over there and whilst back to the camping place we saw a small water fall, where the water is crystal clear.
We have to catch the train at Nine in the morning from Dudhsagar station, the interesting part is there is no proper stop at this station, but the train stops here for signal not more than for Two minutes... with not much difficulty we have boarded the train and started towards Londa Junction from where we have to board another train to Hyderabad. After getting down at Londa we have enough time for the next train to Hyderabad so, we all had a leisure lunch at near by hotel and yeah... today is the birthday of 'Haripriya' one of the member in our group! So.. cake cutting, group pictures and some fun time and now its time for boarding the train to Hyderabad. The moment we boarded the train it started raining cats and dogs!! We have spent some good time in journey and thanks to the wonderful group for all the fun in the return journey.
Back to Hyderabad on Monday morning... toughest time starts now!! Office...

Finally the group

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Monsoon memories - Kalsubai Trek

The phone rang.... "Hello!!... have you started? I am on the way... will be reaching in next Ten minutes!" said Siri. Yes, I am on the way too... will be there on time! - I said.

Yes..!! an another trip on the cards.. A weekend trek planned to conquer the Everest of Maharashtra/Highest peak of Maharashtra... whatever you say , its - Mt. Kalsubai this time!! It was all well planned... the route, meeting point and the group was finalized and all set to GO!!

Kalsubai is the highest peak of Sahyadri and heaven for nature lovers.
The group assembled at the meeting point and boarded the train and all were waiting for the Journey to be started. The first phase of the journey started from Hyderabad - Manmad. Everyone got settled and had a quick round of Intro. Rajesh was the only one 'college student' in the group... the youngest of all!! rest all were working professionals :) and in the midst of the trek we came to know that 'there is a hidden Poet in him' (You'll come to know about this later) while Aravind was a good company, earlier we have done Dudhsagar Trek together. Its good to have Avijeeth in the group and its fun to be around him. I've met him in Lonavalla trek. So only Abhishek, Karthik, Chakri and Uma were new to the group. And let me tell you Rajesh is also a professional photographer... and our official photographer of the trip and Laxmi was the regular one in the group, we have done couple of treks earlier... mentioned her in my previous posts as well. To kill some time and to get mingled we played some fun games, taught card games to few and moved on for a quick power nap. 

Next day on Saturday around Seven in the morning we reached Manmad. The second phase of journey is from Manmad - Igatpuri. We have plenty of time left to board the train to Igatpuri, so decided to have some Vada-pav and Poha for breakfast! Its a Two hours journey from Manmad to Igatpuri. The third phase starts from Igatpuri - Goti, the fourth and final phase is from Goti - Bari village in a private hired vehicle. See... there are many phases of travel in this journey!! Excitement increased.
Bari is the base village, from where we need to start the trek.

Bari Village
 The plan was to camp at the peak in night. So before starting off with the trek we have ordered the dinner at the locals there and asked them to deliver it at the peak. The week being a Navaratri season many of the devotees from surrounding villages are geared-up to climb the hill and offer prayers at the Kalsubai temple located at the peak. To reach the summit there are various routes, but we prefered the route that starts from the village Bari. We started the trek from the base village, soon after leaving the village there is a water stream, which we need to cross... though the water level is low compared to the last time when i visited this place.
Water steam

  Just after a little up-hill walk there is a Temple. The actual trek starts from here... the route from behind this temple takes you to the peak. Laxmi being a 'Flora lady', she noticed Berries plant just before the temple... and plucked some berries and few of them also tried their hands in plucking the berries. And the trek continued... We stopped at many places just to keep ourselves away from tiredness and to enjoy the picturesque of the place and also spent some time to pose in front of the camera! After an another hour of up-hill trek we saw many local people setting up the food stalls (Its business time for them during Navaratri). and from there you can see the ladder way. Yes... there are three ladders along this route, you have to climb-up to reach the peak. And in between these ladders there are rocky kinda steps. Its an easy hike but at few places its quite steep and the path is little slippery due to the rainfall last night. Its safe to climb the ladders, though these are Iron ladders, most of it's railings are standing with support of the bamboo and tied with binding wire. The first two ladders are easy to climb but the third one was the most Inclined ones. Just before the Third ladder there are couple of tea shops... and we thought one of these will be our camping place for the night. The first one was good enough and has enough space for Ten people to accommodate. The person running this shop allowed us to use this place for camping. We decided to drop our back-packs there and move ahead. And finally... it started drizzling!! Actually we were expecting for it rite from the start of the trek.


It took almost One hour from the third ladder to reach the peak.. and here we are at the Highest peak of Sahyadri... Kalsubai!! As we climbed up it became cooler and cooler. The view from the peak was simply awesome... surrounded with beautiful valleys and clouds passing through our feet. We spent most of the time at the peak, in the natures lap! Few were busy capturing the nature at its best and few posing for the pictures and others deep-extremely rejoicing the nature. Cool wind was blowing fast... its good that we took much time to climb up to the peak, coz now its the time for Sunset!! The hues of the reddish sun was mesmerizing! You can't take your eyes off it. It was a heaven on the top. Soon the curtain of the clouds covered the sun and we couldn't view the complete sunset. A guy came up and said "aapka Khana ready hai" (Dinner is ready) and is at your camping place. We came down to the camping place... just in front of the camping place there is a well. So, freshened up ourselves and had a not-so-tasty dinner. Post dinner we had some fun time, few narrated haunted stories and self experienced haunted stories :) and its time for a tight nap.

Ladder way
 Next day Sunday, we decided to start descending at Five in the morning.. so that we get some time to visit the near-by waterfall. As it was raining last night, the path was slippery and muddy. Coming down-hill was little difficult. 

While few of them had crossed the second ladder, Aravind and Rajesh were coming together chitchatting. Pointing towards a tree on top corner of the hill, Rajesh (R) asked Aravind (A)... whats your feeling about that tree? 'A' gave some random answers... but our poetic mind 'R' said that "The tree is challenging the people and says - if it was in the city, you would have killed me. If you are dare enough, come here and kill me". Seriously this silent guy 'R' is something special! and here's one more by 'R'... "Andham aadapilla ke kaadu adavi ki kuda untundi!". (Translated: "Not only women are beautiful... but forests are too!") 
View on the way
 It was almost Eleven'O clock when we reached the base and the vehicle that we have booked was there on time. There was no time to visit the waterfalls. So, we decided to skip it and go directly to Kalyan and catch the train to Hyderabad.

Next day Monday, back to the land of Bifurcation! Apna Hyderabad!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monsoon Trek at Araku valley

Yet another Trek with GHAC to the land of valleys - Araku

ARAKU Valley is a familiar Hill Station in the state of Andhra Pradesh. A valley in the Eastern ghats of INDIA. A wonderful Hill station with waterfalls, valleys, streams and greenery all around. Ananthagiri forest is the part of Araku valley surrounded by Galikonda, Rakthakonda and few other mountains. One must experience the climatic conditions and the natural beauty of this valley to relish the fog and to fell the feather bunch of the cloud.
It all started when Chandu & Siri initiated the plan and 11 other GHACians where excited to join the trek. Everyone were charged and eagerly waiting to get drenched in rain and explore the valley. 
Araku View

The day arrived and meetup point was at railway station as we were traveling by train. (Train journey is the bestest way to travel to araku). All set to Go!!
The group of twelve GHACians started from Hyderabd to Vizag and our Super Dude (Read as Professor) Lokesh will be joining us at Vijayawada. Goodbye to Hyderabd for the next three days. The journey started and excitement increased. Fun filled journey with lot of hilarious games, rummy and much more followed by dinner and yeah.. photo session of course! It was almost eleven in the night, the lights in our couch are still ON and were busy playing rummy and here enters our Super dude (Mind you -read as professor) Lokesh Sai Kumar, greeted everyone. And its time for a quick nap, will be reaching Vizag early in the morning 5.30

Red handed
Next Day.. here we come Vizag! Rishi is the one guy in the entire group, very energetic, wakes up first and gets ready. We just had 45 minutes to freshen up and have breakfast and board the train to Araku. All done and boarded the train with heavy back packs and tarps and tents. We planned to camp in the nature, no fun in staying under a roof and between four walls... The train started, it was a scenic view on both sides, thick forest, greenery all around. Pictures captured by professionals Satbeer paaji and Sunil. Time just flew away, we arrived at Borra caves station where we planned to get down and visit Borra Caves. Its a 2-3 Km distance from railway station to Borra Caves, so we decided to walk rather hiring a vehicle. Its like a warm up for the trek which we are going to start post lunch. On the way to caves we ordered the lunch in a small hotel. Visited Borra caves, captured few group pictures, profile pic, cover pic. whatever you say!! Came back, had lunch and here comes the much awaited part of the trip... trekking to Katiki waterfalls, which is about 8-10 KM from borra caves.

way to Borra caves
Borra caves

The first kilometer was all good.. as excepted it started drizzling..(we wanted it to pour heavily :)) and the moment we entered the muddy pathways between the patches of green fields.. few of them started to explore new route and other few were following the path.. Cool weather, greenery on both sides, rain,  steep and moderate path in between... imagine the scenic view!! all i can say is, it was awesome! We dint even noticed that we crossed almost 3KM of distance.. and here the fun begins! Priyanka is completely exhausted.. paaji was helping her and motivating her to move on..  just after a while in the midst we saw a water stream and decided to pass through the stream... who doesn't want to get into the water? It's monsoon after all! and we are here to get drenched completely. After looking at the water flow Priyanka's energy level boosted up! and wanted to get into water... we slowly started crossing the stream and Priyanka's "Hatrick fall" into the water... Yes.. she fell for every two steps she take!! We noticed that the water flow is getting high and decided to move out from water. Slowly one-by-one energy levels are getting down.. and now its sunil's turn, want to rest for a while because of leg cramps. The 4x4 vehicles were passing by and the people in it are happily moving with loud music. Than Priyanks says.. why are we walking? we can also hire a vehicle... than we decided to send Priyanka in a vehicle and Laxmi will accompany her.. believe me after that not even a single vehicle we saw :P... by than our Super dude Lokesh was aslo down. We stop many times, just to rest for a while. We almost crossed Seven km, there we can see the vehicles parked. aah!! relief.... we reached the destination... we asked a cab driver, way to water falls. Driver: straight route... just two km from here. One needs to walk from here, vehicles are not allowed beyond this point. What the hell! Still two kilometers? ah! Started again, we have to climb the steps, cross the railway track , pass through the steep slippery way... and there you can see the view of gushing waterfall from a distance of more than 50 feet height. It was a stupendous experience to watch the spray of water cascading down. We are ready to soak in the waterfall. The water was so pure, clean and clear, Very soon we get lost in the beauty of nature. spent much of the time under the waterfall. It was almost past Four'O clock. We were getting late as we have to continue our trek to reach the Galikonda view point before the sunset. Had a tasty & spicy Bamboo chicken! and continued the trek to the view point. 

One of the Hat-trick fall

The trek was a little challenge, not a tough one though. One needs to pass through the forest, the path was little slippery, ascending and descending. A local guy guided us. Gautham and Randy had a little tough time at the beginning, but handled very well till the end. Everyone kept moving, except me and Chandu coz we were accompanying Priyanka. Her energy levels were completely down and too tired. But nevertheless as a beginner she did a fantastic job! Good start Priyanka! Just few minutes before the sky is set to dark, we reached the View point of Galikonda. (View point from top of the hill) yeaah...!! we did it! climbed all over the forest hill.. amazing experience! We hired a cab to reach araku and the actual plan was to setup the tents and camp in the nature, but no luck it was pouring heavily.. so we have checked in at a Hotel.  By the time most of them were tired and drowsy. Post dinner few of them hit the beds and few others were playing cards, chatting and all fun... and its time for a tight sleep.

Way to Katiki waterfall
Katiki waterfall

Way to Galikonda View point

Next morning... I woke up at around Six and thought I am the first one to wake up! but as i said it earlier, it was Rishi who woke up first at early morning Five i guess. It was dam chill in the morning, cool breeze and dusky out side due to fog. Without wasting much time, we had a quick breakfast and moved towards Chaprai Waterfalls. Its not exactly a waterfall, its like heavy stream dodging across a huge rock formations. The whole area was covered by gushing stream. We slowly moved towards the top of the slide. The water forcefully makes its way down the slide. The moment we took the position we were dragged away by  the force of water and with in seconds we landed in the pool at the bottom. I bet, You will not find a single water parks that offers you a good slide than this natural slide combined with thrill. The only thing was the water was little muddy, but who cares? spent most of the time here filled with fun and sliding. It was worth spending time there. We dried up and changed & again its time to have the last Bamboo Chicken of the trip! 

Sliding at Chaparai

The Group

Than we moved to catch the bus to Vizag, no wonder we missed one bus as many of us were busy shopping ;) we do not want to miss the second one too. so everyone assembled at one place. Within few minutes bus arrived and started towards Vizag. 
 We reached vizag some where around 6'O clock in the evening and our train to Hyderabad was scheduled at 10'O clock. We have enough time to go around vizag, at-least visit one of the beach. So here we come R.K. Beach... spent some good time at the beach followed by dinner and moved towards railway station. Bid a final adieu to our Super Dude as he was boarding a different train. Next morning stepped into the land of Nizams! Apna Hyderabad!!
Now enough of having fun, traveling, trekking and all, hitting the toughest part of all. Getting back to work!!